Planet Astraltunes

"Planet Earth has music for those who listen."

About the Planet

Planet astraltunes is a musical organisation based in Germany. It consists of two small companies; Astraltunes and Akonowai Music.


"Real Music is not on the radio"

About Astraltunes

Astraltunes is a music organization and Promotional Channel founded by Palshu in 2016. The channel was created as a means to spread good music and discover music from underground artists and help them grow.

Akonowai Music

About Akonowai Music

Akonowai Music is a creative record company founded by Palshu in 2017.


"I'm just a random stargazer trying to share the good frequency around the planet." -Palshu

Who is Palshu?

Palshu is the man behind Planet Astraltunes. He is an artist & music producer.